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Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias also is known as fluffy is an American comedian and actor was born in San Diego California. He is the youngest of six children and was raised by a single mother. He has a Mexican heritage which allowed him to understand the culture and also allowed him to grow his base in comedy. He was working for a cell phone company in Los Angeles, and in 1997 he quit to become a full-time comedian.

Iglesias generally refers to his weight in his comedy specials and tries to elaborate on the levels of fat one can be. He says that there are five levels of fat and he is just fluffy, hence his name. He appeared in the sixth season of the Nickelodeon sketch comedy which includes all the co-stars Amanda Bynes and Nick Cannon. He also lends his voice to the entire Mexican family of the family guy. He was also a contestant in the Last Comic standing where he survived the elimination and was later disqualified from having used blackberry to communicate with his family which violated the rules of the show.

In 2011, he presented the Stand-up revolution which was hosted by Gabriel Iglesias, which run for four successful years. Iglesias has hosted six episodes of equals three which allowed people to have a strip club DJ. Iglesias is featured in a reality series called the Fluffy beaks even. The show was later renamed to Fluffy’s food adventure which was later renewed in January 2017.


Iglesias says that his influences and style to Paul Rodriguez, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, etc. He is one of the few comedians who tried to stick to clean comedy which means that he avoids potentially controversial topics. He also often talks a lot about his weight and his struggles which allowed him to understand his life and choices better. He is very vocal about making healthier life choices and also how his hard work allowed him to shed 100 pounds. He also struggled with depression and alcohol abuse and later did better as he became conscious of everything.

Today, Gabriel Iglesias stands as America’s most successful standup comedians and s often seen selling all his seats touring around the world. He also featured in the Hollywood reporter’s Top 40 Comedy Players in 2018 to work alongside Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Lorne Michaels. He has made a lot of headline for selling out Madison Square Garden, Staples Center, The Sydney Opera House.

Iglesias began production as a star and become an executive producer of Netflix’s upcoming multi-cam television series Mr Iglesias. This is a show about a man who plays a good-natured public high school teacher which is also his Alma Mater where he is a misfit for the kids but with full of potential. He is also a recurring guest star in ABC sitcom Cristela and Modern Family. He featured in many movies like Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL and A haunted house 2 and can be heard in animated movies like Coco, Show Dogs, Ferdinand, etc.

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